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Mrs. Anna Lemin, worldwide recognized artist, and jewelry designer, started her creative path about 20 years ago when she fell in love with Art Deco architecture and art. She started by finding and restoring neglected Art Deco jewelry and artifacts. The jewelry pieces and accessories that she had successfully restored became so popular that she had to answer to increased demand by starting to design and create her own pieces, reviving the old styles of fabulous Art Deco and roaring 20’s.
Her beautiful and one-of-a-kind creations were bought by many celebrities, such as Mrs. Margaret Zakarian (Mr. Geoffrey Zakarian’s spouse), Mrs. Joan Hornig (Joan Hornig Jewelry) and Fatos Yalin Arkun (Fey Istanbul).
With sales in every State in the USA and in over 35 countries worldwide, Ms. Lemin is continuing to amaze and delight her followers and loyal customers.

For an advance look at her collection please visit Mrs. Lemin’s Facebook: Alex Karenin Antique and Vintage Estate Jewelry
and Instagram @AlexeyKarenin

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