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Store Policy

Customer Care

Your beautiful purchases will be shipped within one business day.

The 1st Class USPS Mail is our preferred way of shipping. The regular shipping charge is $6. However, if you would like to request expedited shipping, we can accommodate your request for an additional charge. Insurance is added on all items over $250 in value.


We are happy to ship worldwide and we have no shipping restrictions! We have customers in every state within the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska, and we have growing customer-base in over 35 countries worldwide!

The international shipping is $37 and insurance is added on the purchases over $250 in value.

Privacy & Safety

Please rest assured that your personal information will never be misused or traded. We will use your address only to ship your beautiful purchases. Your email will be only used, upon your request, to inform you about the new updates.

Wholesale Inquiries

All "Alex Karenin" jewelry is unique and one-of-kind. Only one item per design is created. Repeats are never made. If you are interested in buying several items, please contact us and we can either arrange a discount or ship it free of charge.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards


- Offline Payments

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