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Alex Karenin Estate Jewelry

Alexey Alexandrovich Karenin, in whose name I started my first business, was a government minister in nineteenth-century Russia. His education and aristocratic upbringing gave him a profound appreciation for the art and jewelry of that era. Centuries later, I too became fascinated with Art Deco jewelry for its beautiful designs and the stately luxury that it embodies. Established in 2011, Alex Karenin Estate Jewelry has always adhered to one mission:

To preserve, restore, and provide the finest pieces of designer jewelry from the last two centuries for our customers.

I hope that as you look through the pieces in the Alex Karenin collection, you too will develop the same fascination for vintage jewelry that continuously motivates me.

Anna Lemin, Founder

Art Deco

Jewelry Designer Based in NY


I'm a New-Yorker with Russian ancestors and deep appreciation of old-time traditions and art. For many years I've been obsessed with the 19th century - early 20th century Art, Jewelry, and Fashion. I am inspired by the form, designs, colors, and materials of that time. I am thrilled that I can re-create jewelry and accessories of the past. Every old bead or clasp or piece of chain is carefully examined, cleaned, polished and used in a new vibrant jewelry creation, which carries an enormous human history and my personal passion and care.

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